Ohio Co. Comm. Foundation Grant Report Form

Click here for the Ohio Co Comm Foundation Grant Report Form

The Ohio County Community Foundation requires a completed Grant Report Form from all grant recipients as per your Grant Award Agreement.  Grantees failing to submit a completed Grant Report Form before the end of their grant period may not be considered for future grants until reports are submitted to the Ohio County Community Foundation.

Grantees must refer to their own Grant Award Agreement for your particular deadline.  It is the last date listed on the grant period in your agreement.

The completion of a Grant Report Form is an important element of the Ohio County Community Foundation’s Grants Program.  It provides data that helps evaluate the attainment of grants program goals and serves as a fiscal monitor for grant expenditures.

You will be required to upload all proof of expenditures, such as receipts and cancelled checks.  The program will only allow one document to be uploaded for expenditures.  If you have multiple receipts, all receipts will need to be scanned into one document or put into a zip file and attached.  PDF files work best.  You cannot submit the report form without the proof of expenditures attached.

This Grant Reporting Form is to be used by all grant recipients, regardless of the type of grant that you were awarded.

If you have questions about this grant report, please contact the Ohio County Community Foundation at 812-438-9401 or contact Christy Elbright at celbright@occfrisingsun.com or Christy Elbright at tstegemillert@occfrisingsun.com.