Teachers’ Classroom Tools Grants

Click here to apply for the Teachers Classroom Tools (Maximum $500 per teacher)

The Teachers’ Classroom Tools Grants Program was established within the Ohio County Community Foundation in 1999 to provide grants to teachers within the Rising Sun School Corporation. Formally known as Thank-A-Teacher Grants, the Teachers’ Classroom Tools Program was created to provide grants for teaching tools that enhance classroom learning or curriculum. Teachers can request up to $500 and may work together and combine their grant request for more expensive projects or programs.

A total of $9,994.75 was awarded during 2017 to the following teachers:

Ohio County Elementary-Middle School Grants

  • Karen Chase – Purchase of Felt Boards. $490.79
  • Laura McClure  & Sue Mitchell– Purchase of supplies needed to teach special education students daily life skills. $1,000
  • Ginger Meyers – Purchase of spring roll maps of Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Australia for Social Studies class. $465
  • Barb Smith Purchase of PE equipment for elementary PE classes toward the President’s Youth Fitness Program. $500
  • Candy Southard – Purchase of items for the Scholar Dollar Classroom Store. $500
  • Amy Strunk – Purchase of STEM Bins Supplies. $500
  • Tammy Weaver – Purchase of groceries for cooking in the classroom and attend outings to learn behavior skills. $500
  • Carrie Bilodeau – Purchase of Edvotek Familial Hypercholesterolemia kits for the Principles of Biomedical Sciences classes and one DNA Detective Kit for the Human Body Systems Class.  $420
  •  Julie Wilson – Purchase of Kindergarten classroom equipment. $326
  • Jaron Bovard – Purchase of supplies for student interactive notebook project. $100.43
  • Cheyenne Bowsman – Purchase of STEM teaching supplies. $350
  • Michelle Lowe – Purchase Math apps and partitions. $500
  • Chandra Phillips – Purchase of equipment for a classroom reading center. $340.72
  • Nicole Baily – Purchase of equipment for a classroom center. $300
  • Jennifer Parsons – Purchase of equipment for the Algebra 1 & 2 classrooms. $376
  • Jacey Spoonmore – Purchase of equipment for Math classes. $500
  • Amy Hamrick – Purchase of STEM supplies. $445.74
  • Lauramary Padgett – Purchase of equipment for a reading center. $500
  • Lindsey Merica – Purchase of books and journals. $351.55

Rising Sun High School Grants

  • Andrea Levi – Purchase of Recycling equipment. $489.33
  • Timothy Slayback – Purchase of a lathe for the Construction Principals of Engineering. $500
  • Sue Walcott Purchase of Seven Solar Lab Electricity Learning Kits. $461.60
  • Noel Bostic – Purchase of white boards for Algebra I Class. $77.59