In 1990, Lilly Endowment launched the Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT) initiative to help establish and further develop community foundations throughout Indiana.  The Endowment hoped that Indiana’s community foundations could enhance the quality of life and leadership for their communities by convening conversations among people of diverse ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, occupations, races and cultural traditions about their communities’ most compelling needs and opportunities as well as the best way to address them.  As part of Gift Phase VII, the Ohio County Community Foundation is invited to participate in this implementation proposal component designed to address key challenges or opportunities in our County.  The Implementation Grant  Application may be eligible to receive funding in 2020 in an amount  up to $100,000 to implement the efforts described in the proposal.

If you would like to submit a proposed project that you think would be good for Ohio County, please be sure to click on the link below that says “Submit a proposal”.

Submit a proposal

The form that you complete and submit will serve as a proposed project idea only or it will also serve as the actual grant application if you intend to submit a grant application without having to fill in another form.




*Please see the next section for the actual requirements for a proposal project or grant application.

*Applicants must qualify as an exempt organization under the IRS Code 501 (c), or be sponsored by such organizations, or qualify as a governmental or educational entity or possess similar attributes per IRS Code Section 509(a). The Ohio County Community Foundation reserves the right to verify the exempt status of an organization and request further documentation if deemed necessary.
*Grants will only be awarded for projects and programs that benefit the residents of Ohio County, IN.
*Grants will not be made for programs and/or equipment which were committed to prior to grant award date. No reimbursements.
*No grant shall be made for the acquisition of weapons, firearms, destructive devices or ammunition as defined in the Indiana Code under IC 35-41-1-8 or IC 35-47.5-2.4
*Grants will not be made specifically for sectarian religious purposes but can be made to religious organizations for general community purposes.
* No grant proposals will be considered by the OCCF which have been proposed by individuals or organizations responsible to advisory bodies or persons unless letters of recommendation or approval from those advisory bodies or persons accompany the grant proposal.
*Grant applied for brick and mortar projects must be only for charitable purposes, to further the mission of a public charity.
*No grants will be made solely to individuals but can be made for the benefit of certain individuals for such purposes as scholarships and special programs through educational institutions and other sponsoring recipient organizations.
*For organizations that have been awarded grants in the past, all grant reporting requirements must be current before applying.

Contact us if you have any questions at 812-438-9401 or email to:, or


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